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Things to Inspire Your Mind Body Soul - Weekly Round Up Vol.2

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Hi Friends,

Big shoutouts to us for making it to 2022! I haven't had a chance to think through my resolutions just yet but honestly I'm just happy to be alive. This time last year I was sick af with COVID and my hypochondriac self felt like I was on my death bed. Personally the fact that I'm in good health, my bills are paid, seems like enough goals for now. Instead of rushing to vision board and create resolution plans, like I usually do, I'm taking this time to take inventory, rest, and reflect. I created this weeks round up with thoughts of lifting our spirits, transmuting weird energy into healing, and manifesting. I hope this year brings you everything your heart and mind desires because we deserve it. 2022 is giving peace, love, and abundance word to Rolling Ray !

1. The Inner Journey with Yung Pueblo

I came across the profound words of Yung Pueblo via my IG Explorer page and a week later my father gifted me the latest book "Clarity and Connection". Big ups to the Algorithm and alignment working together to bring me peace of mind. Yung Pueblo is not necessarily a person but an IG account ran by author, self love advocate, and emotional healer, Diego Perez. The name is social commentary describing us (beings of the universe) as a young town, figuring out our emotions as we go. I love the idea of finding community through vulnerability. Yung Pueblo’s worlds make me feel like I have a silent partner on my inner journey, making it easier to continue to do the work.

2. Journal and Chill Playlist

Is it just me or do the holidays bring out a lot of "feels" both happy and sad? This is a great time to put on a moody playlist and write your feelings out. Journaling helps process your emotions by validating your feelings, helping you articulate thoughts, and work through inner turmoil. I always start a new journal in January in honor of the new year and circle back to reflect in December. It's nice to see my thought process change through out the year. Play this chill mix by Bobby Nsenga, while you let your feelings out or create your dream life with the manifesting prompts below.

3. Immune Boosting COVID Fighting Remedies

Due to the recent surge + cold weather, I've amped up my Daily immune boosting regimen of vitamins. I filmed an in depth breakdown of my COVID Fighting, Immune Boosting remedies, which will be up on my channel this week, so please subscribe :) My Daily Regimen includes a Multi Vitamin, Probiotic, Zinc, Vitamin C, Oil of Oregano, Seamoss, a glass of Herbal Tea ( Green tea, Echinacea, Chamomile, Lavender, or Lemon Balm), and Natures Flu Shot (Lemon, Oranges, Pineapple, Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne). Disclaimer: I use these as preventative measures not a cure.

4. Power of the Pivot - Video

Life doesn’t always work out as we planned but there’s power in pivoting and being flexible. For instance the pandemic and stay at home order isn't exactly how I pictured spending my late twenties but i'm taking the down time to get clear on my purpose and work on my wellness, so I can come out better physically and spiritually. In this video Lisa Nichols tells us to "create your plans in sand and your goals in mold", meaning it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. Pivoting is about trusting yourself and believing in your goals so much, you don’t cling to how you’ll achieve your goals, but instead focus on continuing to pursue them by any means.

5. You Can Heal Your Life Audiobook

There's so much to be said about this powerful book. Louise Hay is a holistic therapist showing us the key to healing and happiness lies in what we think, especially about ourselves. She isn't creating new concepts, but instead making complex ideas easier to grasp, and implement into our daily lives. This meditative audio book is filled with profound affirmations, wisdom, manifestation exercises, and everything you need to heal your life!

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens." - Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

6. 10 Facts About Me - Youtube Channel Trailer

For a long time I let the fear of being judged stop me from creating and sharing my art with the world. As I do the spiritual work I've realized not everyone will get me but sharing my story and interests could help someone, somewhere and that's all that matters to me. I want to live in a world where I can be unapologetically me, so I must create that for myself. My first step is to share a 10 facts about me video, created for my Youtube Channel Trailer. I want to be transparent about my wellness journey because when you " Heal Yourself, (you) Heal The World."

7. Yoga with Adrienne Challenge

I'm always talking about YWA, she's my favorite youtube yoga guru and inspires me to consistently practice yoga. Lately life has been busier than usual, I've been slacking on my Yoga practice, so I decided to jump on the YWA's free 30 days of Yoga challenge. I'm working towards adding yoga back to my daily schedule because I'm more at peace and easy going. I like myself on yoga and meditation LOL. Join me and see your life change for the better :)

Thanks for reading! Have a great week, go at your own pace, and come back next Monday for an all new wellness round up


Sedona  Red rock state park
Taking in the calming energy in Sedona, AZ at Red Rock State Park on New Years Day 2022


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