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Things to Inspire your Mind Body Soul Vol.4

Hi Friends,

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the Internet. Things to Inspire your Mind Body Soul is a space where I share motivational material and wellness tools to raise your vibration. Everything in this article has brought me peace, balance, and good vibes, and I would love to share that energy with you. This space, and you the reader, are my accountability partners, as I continue my daily wellness practice, share my findings, and tend to my mind, body, and soul.


"Creative people need time to sit around and do nothing". Some of my best ideas come to me when I'm chilling on the couch, but honestly "doing nothing" is hard for me, especially without feeling guilty. I recently wrapped my second show of the year, instead of hopping onto the next project per usual, I've decided to take time off and create for fun. All while NOT focusing on my next job (thank you savings). All the signs are pointing to taking things slow, which is not easy for me. I'm re-learning to prioritize my rest and unlearning the productivity trap aka feeling like you're never doing enough. Sometimes we need to take things slow in order to learn valuable lessons like patience and gratitude for the present. We're spiritual beings in a constant state of change, so I find comfort knowing we have a million chances to get it right and be who we want to be, so there's no need to rush.

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious about the future, I turn to breath-work, specifically deep breathing meditations like this:

Stress Relief Meditation

Many people are intimidated by meditation but think of it as simply focused breathing. Sometimes guided meditations and breath work can increase my feelings of anxiety, especially when I try to keep up with the teacher instead of listening to my own body. This stress relief meditation gives you the space to breathe at a rate that calms you, which is different for everybody.

I believe wellness practices and self-care look different for everyone, because we have different needs. We all have the same basic needs but there’s still a uniqueness within all of us that creates our authentic selves. I believe a profound wellness coach is someone that gives you the tools but also gives you the space to make each practice your own and urges you to go at your own pace. My goal with this newsletter is to inspire you to take care of yourself in the ways that work best for you.


What I Eat In A Day

Some people like watching ASMR videos for the calming effect, but I watch What I Eat in A Day videos. Watching other people cook is so relaxing and I'm always in need of meal ideas. These videos keep me motivated to continue my plant based lifestyle. In my last TTIYMBS post, I spoke about creating my meals around gut health, because happy gut = happy life. Checkout one of my favorite plant based creators, PlntbasedPrincess. Her baked potato recipe is fire and I'm definetly adding it to this week's meal plan.

Immunity Tonic

It's still summer, we're still outside, and so are these viruses, summer colds, and allergies. It's super important to keep our immune system strong and one of my favorite ways is my Immunity Tonic. I've been slacking but I usually make a batch once a week and drink some every few days, especially before and after a big event.

Add a lil Cayenne Pepper if you're feeling congested or Oregano Oil if you feel like you're coming down with something. Stay Healthy Friends!


All my media and work-from-home baddies experience job-related aches and pains. Whether you spend a lot of time on your phone or hunched over your computer, these exercises will help with stiffness and even tension headaches. Personally I've experienced work-from-home-related neck pain, tension headaches, and lower back issues. Sitting in one position for upteen hours isn't healthy for our bodies! I like to incorporate yoga stretches throughout my work day, so I can ease the pain before it starts.


I recently recorded my first official DJ Mix, a chill Playlist featuring my favorite songs from Frank Ocean, Kaytranda, Lucky Daye, and more. Whether you're in the mood to dance or just vibe this feel good mix is for you.


Never Have I Ever S3

Written by Mindy Kipling aka Kelly of the Office, Never Have I Ever is a realistic, relatable high school romantic dramedy, heavy on the comedy. I binged the 3rd season this week and I'll most likely watch it again. It's light hearted enough to be for a younger audience but didn't make me feel weird being invested in the relationship whoas of teenagers. Truly fun for all ages.

Rap Sh*t

Executive produced by Issa Rae and the City Girls, based on the City Girls road to fame, need I say more ? It's a must watch, my only problem is the episodes are too short lol

High Level Mindset - Ted Talk

"Life is like a book, not every chapter is going to be good, but what's important is how it ends" - Cordae


Feeding the Soul

I love me some Tabitha Brown. Her voice brings me comfort and now her recipes do too! I've made her Untuna Chickpea Tuna recipe two weeks in a row, because its so delicious. It's the perfect meal prep. One can of chickpeas makes enough untuna for the whole week. I love a good meal prep that stays delicious in the fridge. I use honey mustard salad dressing instead of Vegan Mayo and it's *chef's kiss*

Set Boundaries, Find Peace

Boundaries are the key to asking for what you want and being treated how you want to be treated. I never fully understood what boundaries were and how to set them but this book clearly gives you a roadmap and talks you through possible scenarios when sharing your boundaries with other people. Setting and Maintaining boundaries are the tough but necessary parts of self care and this books breaks it down easily.


My dad gave me this Papa & Barkley 3:1 CBD cream, when I started experiencing tendinitis in my hands, and all I can say is Father Knows Best! This CBD salve has been my saving grace during long workdays. I use the balm wherever I feel achy, throbbing pain i.e muscles post-workout, feet after wearing new shoes, texting hands, back pain. Within 10 min I feel sweet, warm relief followed by a soothing sensation, which lasts for hours. The balm is made with nourishing organic oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender giving it an earthy, relaxing smell, making you feel like you are at a cannabis spa every time you open the jar. I love this brand because they use organically grown, pesticide-free cannabis and all-natural ingredients to create a clean beauty balm. If you're looking for a cannabis-infused, non-psychoactive salve that relaxes and calms your body, this is the one!

Thanks for reading :)


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