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6 Plant Based Bloggers to Follow for Delicious Vegan Recipes

I'm one of those people who can spend hours watching food videos. As an aspiring Vegan, I'm always looking for delicious veganized versions of my favorite recipes. Following the bloggers listed in this post has made the transition to vegan easier, without forfeiting flavor and variety.


Roxy & Ben, a vegan couple based in the UK, come up with delicious yet easy to make recipes. I love watching their creative Instagram videos. They recently put out a cookbook featuring 100 plant based recipes with only 5 ingredients. Perfect for those of us who like to keep it simple while eating good. Check out their website here.


Tish is the queen of eating a whole food plant based diet. She shares colorful, well seasoned plates filled with food you can almost taste thru your screen. I found her on youtube and instantly subscribed based off her personality, flavorful dishes, and music choice. Her What I Eat In A Day style videos are my favorite and now she has a few cookbooks filled with her delicious recipes. Find her on the web here.

3.Ty's Concious Kitchen

Ty and his family work together to create awesome recipe videos using only Alkaline Electric aka Dr. Sebi approved ingredients. Their dishes turn common meals such as burgers, waffles, omelets, etc into whole food plant based delicious-ness. Find them on the web here.

4.Minimilist Baker 

Her username says it all. Known for using as little ingredients as possible, Dana shares recipes that are usually 10 items or less. My inner minimalist fell in love with her dedication to crafting simple recipes even the beginner vegan chef could re-create. One of my favorite vegan Instagram accounts, her amazing photos inspire me to eat at home often. Find her on the web here.

5.FromMyBowl aka Caitlin Shoemaker 

My all time favorite Vegan Blogger, Caitlin creates easy to follow, original recipes. Majority of her ingredients are Budget-Friendly, Gluten, Oil, and Refined Sugar Free. Her warm attitude is a major plus! Dedicated to over all health and wellness, Caitlin blogs about eating for health, yoga, and much more. Find her on Instagram @Frommybowl and on the web here

6.Sweet Potato Soul 

Jenne` Clairborne creates flavorful Southern Creole inspired Vegan dishes and shares tips for beginner vegans. Find her on the web here.

What Plant Based Blogger do you love ?


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