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6 Morning Yoga Sequences That Will Put You In A Good Mood

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I love the warm physical feeling after a good workout, but I'm not the type of person to roll out of bed and head straight to the gym. Performing a quick morning yoga sequence gives my body the warm push it needs to get moving for the long day ahead.

As I get older I've noticed my flexibility isn't what it used to be and I really don't like hearing my bones crack. I've started incorporating yoga into my everyday routine and its changed my life for the better. A quick sun salutation sequence on the wake up, puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Check out the various practices below. I know you'll find a practice that works with your schedule and makes you feel good :)

1. Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation is the perfect full body stretch. This can be done outside under the sun or in the comfort of your room. I like to perform this sequence first thing in the morning to loosen my body for the rest of the day. I personally repeat the sequence 3-6 times in a row to get my heart pumping. Find out more about Sun Salutation here


Meditation is yoga for the mind. Taking a moment to be still and set the tone mentally for the day can help with anxiety, stress, and over all well being. Beyonce even meditates before she starts her jam packed days, to manage stress.

I like to completely clear my mind for atleast 3-5minutes a day. It brings me a sense of calm that sticks with me thru out the day. There's guided meditations which are usually calming beats with spoken affirmations like Londrelle. You can listen to nature sounds (I personally like the sounds of waves). Or you can sit or lay quietly in a safe and warm space. There's no set way to meditate but the below infographic can get you started.

3.Good Morning Sequence

This easy 10 min sequence can be done right before your morning shower. It will energize your body and mind for the busy day ahead.

4.Wake up & Connect Yoga Workout

Set your timer, put on your favorite playlist, and get ready for this slow but challenging workout. Your body will thank you for it!

5. Yoga with Adrienne

When you don't have access or time to make it to an actual yoga class, Youtube's got you! I love the Yoga with Adrienne channel. Her calm, patient demeanor is exactly what you want in a teacher. Adrienne has videos for everyone with routines designed for back pain, weight loss, and even depression.

6.Facial Stretching

Face Yoga is rumored to be an all natural alternative to the face lift. I also believe making funny faces at yourself in the mirror sets a playful mood fo the day.

Peace & Light :)



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